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Quick Quote extension allows the admin to request a quotation with their loyal customers. Also their customers can request the store owner to estimate the quote for bulk order quantities. Mainly it is used for B2B business to smoothen the quote request process and quote management as it makes easier to bargain and request for price negotiation. This can highly increase the sales and conversion rate of your online store.

  • Comes with a custom page where a user can search the product and make a collection for the quotation.
  • Enable "Request quote" button in product listing and detail page.
  • Admin can view quote details, apply the bulk discount and can send a proposal to the customer.
  • Easily convert a quote into order and checkout with a custom price.
  • Admin can customize proposals, add attached PDF file and remarks while sending a proposal to customers.
  • Admin can add products dynamically while creating a new quote for the customer from the backend.

Quick Quote allow customers to ask for a quotation and requesting store owner to estimate quote for bulk order quantities. It is used for B2B business to process the quote request fast and handle quote management appropriately. It is easy to bargain and ask for price negotiation.

Request quotes

It allows your customers to submit a quote from your store front-end. It lets them do the negotiation and convert quotes into orders which results in your revenue growth.

Easy to convert quotes into orders

With a single click, your customers can convert their proposals into orders with the Magento back-end. This will encourage your customers to bargain the prices and buy products if the store owner sells off that item at the price requested by the customer.

Customized pricing

Store owners can decide the prices and offer special prices based on the amount or quantity of the orders. By allowing customers to bargain prices, store owners won't miss their potential customers.

Give a chance to negotiate for your valuable customers

Quick Quote for Magento 2 extension allows customers to request a quote for bulk products. This will allow customers to bargain prices for the products. Through this system, customers can purchase their desired products at the best prices that they requested.

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Admin side

  • View quote details submitted by customers from front-end
  • Create quotes from the back-end by selecting particular buyers
  • Decide the product prices and quantities
  • Apply shipment charges
  • Send proposals with file attachments and quote remarks

Customer side

  • Make a list of products to know a rough quote of bulk products
  • Select the quantity of bulk products
  • Convert quote into order in easy way
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What is the functionality of Quick Quote For Magento 2 extension?
Quick Quote extension allows store customers to request for a product quotation to store owner to estimate a rough quote for bulk order quantity.

1.0.0 Released 01-Dec-2020
Initial release

1.0.1 Released 12-May-2021
Fixed Minor issues. Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.4
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