Install Magento 2 Extension

Install Magento 2 Extension

In this topic, we will discuss about How to Install Magento 2 extensions, specially Install Adorncommerce Extensions.

Solution #1: Ready to paste

  1. Step 1: Download the Package

    After purchasing order from Adorncommerce, go to "My Products" page to download the package.

    Here are the screenshot of "My Products" page.

    My Products page
  2. Step 2: Download the Adorncommerce_Core module from Github

    You can either clone or download the module at this link:

    Download Adorncommerce Core Module and Paste that code in to app/code Folder.

  3. Step 3: Run command line

    php bin/magento setup:upgrade

    php bin/magento setup:di:compile

    php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Solution #2: Install via Composer

  1. Step 1. Login and get Adorncommerce Module Access Key

    Log in to your Adorncommerce account, go to My Account > Composer Auth Keys:

    Composer Authentication Keys

    Publish Key is User Name
    Private Key is Password

  2. Step 2. Extension Installation

    For the first time installing Adorncommerce extension via composer, run the following command:

    composer config repositories.adorncommerce composer

    Next, continue running this command:

    composer require adorncommerce/module-modulename

    You will get this message:

    Composer Require

    Now, run the following commands to finish installing the extension:

    php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

    This chart has the composer names for all our extensions:

    The Extension's Name Composer Name
    Core adorncommerce/module-core
    Advanced Product Reviews & Rating For Magento 2 adorncommerce/module-advance-product-review-rating
    Expected Delivery Date For Magento 2 adorncommerce/module-expdeliverydate
    Advance Cart For Magento 2 adorncommerce/module-advancecart
    Review Reminder For Magento 2 adorncommerce/module-reviewreminder
    Dropshipment For Magento 2 adorncommerce/module-dropshipment
    Instagram Feed For Magento 2 adorncommerce/module-instagram
    Call For Price For Magento 2 adorncommerce/module-callforprice
    Extended Product Grid For Magento 2 adorncommerce/module-extendedproductgrid
    Membership For Magento 2 adorncommerce/module-membership
    Import Export For Magento 2 adorncommerce/module-importexport
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