Why our extensions?

Grow Engagement with Customers by Using Magento 2 Extensions of AdornCommerce Store


When do you need to get Magento 2 modules for your ecommerce store?

When you start feeling like you want to add more features, functionabilities, facilities or convenience to your e-store, you must develop custom modules (also referred to as extensions or plug-ins) that fulfill your personalized requirements to lure your customers.

It’s better to get Magento extensions/modules built by the best recognized and reliable agency like AdornCommerce with excellent expertise and bug-free codes.

At AdornCommerce store, you will find many useful and convenient Magento 2 extensions by certified Magento developers that add value to your Magento 2 eCommerce store with new incredible features and facilities. AdornCommerce has built those extensions conforming with the latest Magento standards and version. Our Magento 2 plug-ins are tested by our team of quality assurance experts ensuring that each product operates in the expected way.

Let your customers experience a feature-rich user interface with your eCommerce store with our Magento 2 extensions.

Everything is digitalized in this modern era. Shopping is also not an exception. Having said that, people are preferring to shop, order and pay online. Magento 2 extension is the one that fulfills your custom needs for your online store. AdornCommerce store is the best virtual space where Magento store owners can find a wide array of Magento 2 products built by highly experienced Magento specialists to enrich their online store with several unique functionalities and operations. Studying and learning the mindset of Magento store owners, we are delighted and motivated ourselves to open this store to help them satisfy their business needs.


Why should Magento store owners get Magento 2 Extension installed?

The purpose of Magento 2 extensions is to fulfill certain requirements and functionalities of eCommerce stores. These Magento 2 extensions are open-source modules and can be configured according to your custom specifications. If you’re using marketplace extensions, you’re likely to grow your engagement with your customers, sales and revenue.


What do we do prior to the product development?

We listen to the customer’s requirements thoroughly in order to develop the module so that it functions properly as expected. We emphasize on the current market scenario and analysis so that we can carry out the best product for our clients. AdornCommerce store extensions are compatible with Magento 2.x versions and ready to function with some added features to deliver the best user experience.


What specific areas are there where AdornCommerce’s Magento 2 extensions are applicable?

Our Magento 2 modules are applicable to certains categories of your online store’s operations such as B2B, administration, catalog management, user experience, sales, promotion, marketing, order etc.


Magento 2 extensions as freebies

On AdornCommerce store, you will find a few extensions marked as freebies. Yes, we have several Magento 2 modules for which we don’t charge a single penny! So why not take this advantage? Just go through the store and get your “freebies” now!


Why are our extensions special?

The strongest reason to use our extensions is that our Magento 2 extensions are approved by Magento Marketplace. Magento Marketplace follows strict standards and rules for approving Magento extensions. We’re delighted to announce our extensions have that eligibility for getting qualified to be on Magento Marketplace.

Magento Marketplace’s Quality Report consists of several tests such as Installation & Varnish Tests, Plagiarism Check, Marketing Review, Coding Standard, Malware Check andManual Testing. Our extensions have passed all those tests mentioned above. See the proof of one of our Magento plug-ins here. We’re striving rigorously and looking forward to getting more extensions approved by Magento Marketplace.

Before putting our extension on sale, we ensure that their source codes are tested by quality analysts. Therefore, there’s no need to get worried about the reliability and safety of the products you’ve purchased from AdornCommerce store. We also assure that there won’t be other issues such as malware or virus. Moreover, AdornCommerce offers free support if you are facing any bugs or errors in our extensions. If you encounter any issues, you can reach out to us anytime and we’ll be happy to sort out all your queries.

Observing and studying the current trend of eCommerce sectors, we work hard to develop more and more extensions in the near future. We motivate ourselves to learn more about Magento 2 store owners’ requirements to build innovative products for delivering the best shopping experience to their customers.

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